0001306830-20-000127 4 1 20200430 20200504 20200504 Rucker Kim K.W. 0001430329 4 34 001-32410 20845156 KRAFT FOODS GROUP, INC. THREE LAKES DRIVE NORTHFIELD IL 60093 Celanese Corp 0001306830 2820 980420726 DE 1231 222 W. LAS COLINAS BLVD., SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039-5421 972-443-4000 222 W. LAS COLINAS BLVD., SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039-5421 Celanese CORP 20041102 Blackstone Crystal Holdings Capital Partners (Cayman) IV Ltd. 20041022 4 1 wf-form4_158862366522818.xml FORM 4 X0306 4 2020-04-30 0 0001306830 Celanese Corp CE 0001430329 Rucker Kim K.W. C/O CELANESE CORPORATION 222 W LAS COLINAS BLVD, SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039 1 0 0 0 Common Stock 2020-04-30 4 A 0 1849 0 A 1905 D Annual grant of restricted stock units pursuant to the Company's 2018 Global Incentive Plan. The restricted stock units vest in full on the one-year anniversary of the date of the grant. The reporting person has elected that upon vesting of the restricted stock units, receipt of the shares of Common Stock be deferred under the Company's 2008 Deferred Compensation Plan; accordingly, upon vesting, the reporting person will instead receive an equal number of shares of phantom stock. As provided in the Company's 2008 Deferred Compensation Plan, the phantom stock becomes payable in shares of Common Stock upon the earlier of the date previously elected by the reporting person to receive payment or the termination of the reporting person's service as a director of the Company. James R. Peacock III, Attorney-in-Fact for Kim K.W. Rucker 2020-05-04