0001306830-23-000167 4 1 20231113 20231115 20231115 Brown William M 0001350633 4 34 001-32410 231410655 HARRIS CORPORATION 1025 W NASA BOULEVARD MELBOURNE FL 32919 Celanese Corp 0001306830 2820 980420726 DE 1231 222 W. LAS COLINAS BLVD., SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039-5421 972-443-4000 222 W. LAS COLINAS BLVD., SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039-5421 Celanese CORP 20041102 Blackstone Crystal Holdings Capital Partners (Cayman) IV Ltd. 20041022 4 1 wk-form4_1700082595.xml FORM 4 X0508 4 2023-11-13 0 0001306830 Celanese Corp CE 0001350633 Brown William M C/O CELANESE CORPORATION 222 W LAS COLINAS BLVD, SUITE 900N IRVING TX 75039 1 0 0 0 0 Phantom Stock 2023-11-13 4 A 0 75.957 117.85 A Common Stock 75.957 12863.77 D Each share of phantom stock represents the right to receive one share of Common Stock or the cash value of one share of Common Stock. The reported phantom stock represents dividend equivalents on cash compensation and restricted stock units deferred under the Company's 2008 Deferred Compensation Plan (the "Plan"). As provided by the Plan, the reporting person may transfer a portion of the phantom stock account into an alternative investment account at any time. The shares of phantom stock become payable in cash or shares of Common Stock, subject to certain conditions and as provided in the Plan, on the earlier of the date previously elected by the reporting person to receive payment or upon termination of the reporting person's service as a director of the Company. /s/ Adam R. Santosuosso, Attorney-in-Fact for William M. Brown 2023-11-15