Celanese Expanding Portfolio of Sustainable Products Across Acetyl Chain

Wed, February 8 2023

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Celanese Corporation (NYSE: CE), a global specialty materials and chemical company, announced the availability of more sustainable versions of multiple Acetyl Chain materials with mass balance bio-content. These offerings will be designated as ECO-B, consistent with the innovative bio-based offerings introduced for Engineered Materials customers in previous years. While many Acetyl Chain solutions already help customers to improve sustainability by reducing waste and materials usage, this expanded product portfolio provides an opportunity to take an additional step with an offering that is chemically identical to the standard products.

Mass balance enables fossil and bio-based feedstocks to be mixed in production but accounted for separately through a third-party certified accounting process. This approach allows the transition from fossil to renewable raw materials to occur while preserving the energy efficiency benefits associated with large-scale manufacturing. Bio-based feedstocks originate from non-fossil origins and can come from various types of organic waste.

“Celanese ECO-B products enable customers to realize reductions in CO2 emissions in their end-use products and advance their renewable content goals,” said Lori Ryerkerk, Celanese chairman, chief executive officer and president. “The planned offerings, including our ECO-B Emulsion Polymers, ELOTEX® Redispersible Powders and Ateva® EVA Polymers, not only provide a strong value proposition to help customers meet greenhouse gas footprint reduction and sustainable content targets, but also allow them to create further-differentiated offerings for their end customers, particularly in the building and construction, adhesives, fiber coatings, flexible packaging, paint and furniture markets.”

Celanese will also offer ECO-B versions of other Acetyl Chain intermediate chemicals including acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer, amines, acetate esters and anhydrides, all designed to help support customers in developing more sustainable product offerings for their downstream markets. Celanese chemicals are essential to the end production of a wide range of products, with applications like pharmaceutical solvents, crop protection, photovoltaics, cleaning products, inks, lubricants, and engineered foams potentially seeing the most immediate benefit from ECO-B options. All Acetyl Chain ECO-B products are now available for commercial orders and delivery time will vary based on product and region-specific details.

Potential sustainable content in products can vary based upon a wide range of inputs including chemical composition, economic considerations and regional availability. Given those factors, Celanese ECO-B products could contain anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent sustainable content depending on the specific product.

For additional information regarding Celanese sustainability efforts and products, including mass balance, visit www.celanese.com/sustainability.

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